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Nintendo's revolutionary Wii is perfect for social gaming. You'll find Wii U Review on Game Hub.

Despite Wii U's versatility, it does not play DVDs, but you can set it up with the help of SD card and Homebrew. For detailed instructions go to Instructables website.


Best Wii U games include:

Mario Party 10, Citizens of Earth, Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Starts, Chariot, Elliot Quest, and Splatoon.

Wii U Games

One of the best pokemon games for WiiU is Pokemon X and Y. Wii U console is designed for driven gamers. Wii U has the Nintendo Network platform with a multiplayer function. The console can be integrated with Miiverse, a social networking service, where content can be shared. Wii U can also be integrated with video on demand services and tv through Nintendo TVii application. Services available include Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video. Wii U has an advantage over PS4 and Xbox console of having the most popular games, such as Mario games. Read more on Wii U Games here.